“We take pride in our work; if you don’t shine we don’t shine. "

- Jolly Roger

We specialize in custom “In-House” embroidery.  Embroidery orders are designed and “ALASKA SEWN” in our Fairbanks location. From Start to Finish, extra care is taken to ensure your project sews clean and accurately. 

image embroidery 1.jpg
image embroidery 2.jpg
  • Over 10 years direct “hands-on” embroidery experience
  • Premium thread used on all designs
  • Top of the Line industry leading embroidery machines  (ensures the best sew)
  • Approx Minimum New Set Up order = 12 qty
  • Approx Turnaround Time = 1-6 weeks (varies per order)
  • Minimum Set up Fee per logo = $100 (Larger orders often get a free set up)
  • Free Delivery to local Airlines:  (ERA, AK AIR, NAC, WARBELOWS, WRIGHTS)

Some of our work: